• Inheritance law

    Inheritance law

    We undertake the preparation of inheritance settlements and awards and the drafting of wills on a case-by-case basis. Our aim is always to meet the client's wishes and to economize costs by means of appropriate legal and financial planning.

    We draw up individual wills that are tailored to your personal circumstances and assets in order to guarantee your estate's future as well as the financial well-being of your loved ones.

  • Family law

    Family law

    We assist our clients in the protection of their rights in the face of conflicts that may arise within the family environment, taking into account the particular sensitivity of such matters. Furthermore, we handle all types of divorces by mutual agreement or contentious, modification of measures, adoption of urgent measures for the protection of minors, liquidation of marital assets, custody, custody, dissolution and liquidation of the matrimonial estate, etc.

  • Personal law

    Personal law

    We handle all types of proceedings concerning incapacity, disability, and in general any contingency that has to do with the legal competence of persons, including advice both to the legal guardian and to relatives, management of estates belonging to incapacitated persons or sales, and others.

  • Communities of homeowners

    Communities of homeowners

    We handle claims in relation to Community of Homeowners' Associations, debts owed by defaulters, leasehold problems as well as issues relating to problems arising from property in a situation of joint ownership.

    Also, claims against building agents for possible damages or construction defects.

  • Banking Law

    Banking Law

    We defend the interests of our clients against fraudulent consequences of bad banking practice in relation to foreclosures, floor clauses, revolving accounts, shares, preferred stock, and other financial derivatives, abusive contractual clauses, renegotiation of debts and any other circumstance that could be detrimental to the client's assets.

  • Criminal Law

    Criminal Law

    Criminal law is one of our areas of specialization. We have extensive experience and numerous successful cases, both in prosecuting and defending our clients, whether they are individuals or companies. We deal with all types of offenses that may be criminally punishable with the consequent harm to those who may be affected by a criminal investigation.

  • Tax Law

    Tax Law

    We ensure that our clients' business and private activities are carried out with complete peace of mind, and we provide legal assistance in the event of any proceedings before the AEAT or other tax authorities.

    If you are faced with problematic self-assessments, notifications and tax checks by the Tax Authorities, local councils or the Valencian Tax Agency, we handle your appeal administratively and, if necessary, judicially as well.

  • Administrative Law

    Administrative Law

    We defend and handle all types of administrative and contentious proceedings in which our clients may be involved. We provide comprehensive advice on the different actions and legal relations that both individuals and legal entities may have with the government: processes of Patrimonial Liability of the Administration, sanctioning proceedings, public procurement, nullity of administrative acts, etc.

  • Real Estate Law

    Real Estate Law

    In the event that our clients have any legal problems arising from transactions related to housing and real estate, we offer our knowledge and resources to resolve them. We deal with actions such as leasing, purchase and sale, transfer and termination of property rights and any other type of transaction.

  • Employment Law

    Employment Law

    We offer legal coverage and advice, both to workers and to companies and businesses, to guarantee labor relations in accordance with current legislation in this area. Beyond the preventive level, we also act in the event of conflicts arising from the practice of labor law in situations such as labor inspections, in matters of occupational hazards, dismissals and hiring, collective bargaining, etc.