• Boards of Directors

    Boards of Directors

    We provide advice to the Board of Directors, as well as preparing and attending meetings and drafting minutes.

    We also specialize in advising on the incorporation of companies, the drafting of articles of association and the drafting of shareholders' agreements.

    Furthermore, we study and advise on the different corporate structures and configurations of the Administrative Body of commercial companies, with the aim of minimizing corporate conflicts and guaranteeing the safeguarding of the business and personal assets of the business owner.

    Design of strategies for the appropriate organization of the company's assets and their preservation, working with tax and employment advisors for this purpose.

  • Commercial contracts

    Commercial contracts

    Study, drafting and, where appropriate, negotiation and agreement of all kinds of contracts, with the aim of always seeking the maximum profitability for the client or, where appropriate, minimizing the damage that could be caused and offering the necessary legal security and guarantees for the success of your company.

  • Legal defense

    Legal defense

    Legal defense of the interests of your company in all kinds of proceedings in which it is involved; claims for non-payment, claims for damages and losses, claims for loss of profits, claims for breach of contract, etc.

    It is worth emphasizing the specific legal defense of administrators and liquidators of companies before the commercial or criminal jurisdiction, due to their actions at the head of their companies.

  • Compliance


    Advice to companies for the correct implementation and management of a compliance program tailored to their needs and in accordance with the legal framework of the UNE-ISO 19600. This prevents and avoids operational risks arising from business activity that may lead to criminal charges being brought against the legal persons responsible for said activity, as set out in the LO/2015.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    Corporate Social Responsibility

    The incorporation of Corporate Social Responsibility practices in business practice has been consolidated in recent years, going beyond self-regulation to that of mandatory compliance by law.

    This is stated in Law 31/2014 of the LSC and other international regulations from the OECD and other organizations. We offer our clients our expertise in integrating these guidelines into corporate activity.

  • Insolvency proceedings

    Insolvency proceedings

    Intervention in insolvency proceedings, both as an applicant for insolvency proceedings and in defense of creditors, designing the most appropriate strategy for the safeguarding and continuity of your company and adequately combining the interests of those affected by the process.